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Your source for custom software solutions development in PHP and ASP.NET for your business

:: About Us ::

We're a leading IT company committed to deliver the most comprehensive and effective solutions/services that do business. No doubt Internet is a very powerful business tool, but we are not just a web-oriented company, our services range from back end to front end, web to desktop, static to dynamic.

We believe in looking problems from business angle. Regarding your web appearance, we believe it should be more than good looks. It should be easy to navigate, highly optimized for search engines and loading, secure and useful to intended target audience.

We don't discriminate. Whoever you are, small, large or medium sized we can work with you anywhere via e-mail.

:: Our Team ::
We have our own small in-house design and programming team that possess the technical expertise to provide solutions, tailored to your computing and internet needs. In addition to their expertise we have an increasing library of programming code, modules and objects that can be integrated cost effectively into custom projects. We have also devised some recruitment plans that enable us to quickly extend our team for larger projects in future.

:: How we work ::
  After finalizing requirements with the client, our team is brought together to address the needs of the project.
  Our Team Leader, provides a single point of contact to the client and to all others involved - throughout the development cycle.
  Our Managers contact the clients time to time on their feedbacks.

If you are looking for a professional solution to save time and money, generate business enquiries and sales, contact us - we know we can deliver.

email: info@ravapps.com
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